Richard (Rick) L. Pooley
President and Estimator

Rick Pooley graduated with honors, the first in his class, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction from the University Of Florida. He returned to the University of Florida to complete a Master of Science degree in Construction Management, and later served as an instructor at his alma mater. Richard also received a research grant from Mid-Florida Mining to study the benefits of using fly ash (a by-product of the phosphate industry) as a concrete additive. A State of Florida Licensed General Contractor, Unlimited, Richard has extensive experience in residential and commercial construction with nearly a quarter billion dollars of his work associated with his work within construction industry. He is recognized by the State of Florida’s civil courts as an expert in his field. In that capacity he has assisted several law firms in evaluating problems related to construction and development, preparing case material and providing expert testimony before the courts.

Stephanie Pooley
Estimating Coordinator

Stephanie is responsible for coordination of all sub-bids and material pricing through our job specific website. This website contains our plans and other information relative to the specific job. She maintains each site with plan and specification updates, responses to requests for information, and addenda that may be issued during the process of preparing a bid. We feel that competitive bidding by subcontractors and suppliers is an important way to insure that we provide the best price to our client. Stephanie insures that we have a number of qualified sub-bidders for each scope of work and keeps in constant communication, during the bid process, to insure that all sub-bids are submitted in a timely fashion. We firmly believe in competitive bidding and always award sub-contracts to the best price meeting all of the scope of work. Stephanie is an indispensable part of the estimating process.