With over forty years of experience, Pooley Enterprises, Inc. has cultivated and fashioned itself into a solution based General Contractor of choice to each member of our client base setting us apart from our competitors. We have honed ourselves into a trusted partner of choice for many of our clients. This relationship has developed due to our continuously expanding capabilities within the industry and the subsequent evolutionary changes of our business model. This business model consists of the correctly blended and balanced approach towards business while constantly increasing our industry knowledge and depth of experience so that we can offer several business structure options to our clients.

Our strategy, aimed at seizing the opportunities presented to us, consists of five elements:

  • Develop our business further
    • We have enjoyed a good track record of building solid financial assets. Our goal is to increase that stability even further.
    • We are capable of offering Professional Services and Support Services to more evenly balance our capabilities and generate further construction opportunities.
  • Focus on our markets with the greatest opportunities that coincide with our structure
    • We are to develop and implement sales and marketing plans that help to identify and recognize when and what specific demands are likely to offer the potential for growth with a close eye on limiting risk.
  • Improve our operational performance and cost effectiveness
    • Our business now offers the opportunity for improving operational performance and profitability by using resources in a more cost effective manner.
    • By increasing our professional and support services in our business mix will create opportunities to enhance margins further.
  • Continue to strengthen our core skills
    • We desire to have more of our clients turn to us first and see us as a trusted partner of choice for the design, construction and lifecycle of their building assets.
    • In delivering one or more of our capabilities to our client, we will strive to add value to the process.
  • Continue to demonstrate our leadership in values and behavior
    • If we desire to be considered as a trusted partner of choice we need the leadership to go with that desire. We have to act like a leader by setting standards for ethics, values and the way we treat our clients, our staff, and our associated construction team.