Professional Services

Program and Project Management
  • Our team offers exceptional program and project management. We have taken the opportunity, in the several sectors of construction that we focus, to cultivate our staff of program and project managers to become specialized in their particular sector of the work for which they are responsible.
  • This specialized knowledge gives us a significant advantage in our industry because of the level of understanding of the project as early as the preconstruction phase of a project. This translates to our ability to competently execute the project as we become involved with the construction phase of the project.

Construction Management
  • Construction management for every project is a procedure we take with the utmost seriousness.
  • From the preconstruction discoveries to the final punch list and job close out our team has a system in place which has a foundation of organization and communication.
  • These key elements; seriousness, organization, and communication, supported by a sense of urgency, concern of quality, and a strong focus on service are what allows us to be set apart from our competitors.

Project Design / Build
  • We have assembled a team of some of the most talented resources in design, architecture, and construction to participate in our Design / Build efforts.
  • This remarkable team has the ability and range to work through the smallest retail or office build out to the largest restaurant or entertainment facility.
  • This teams professionalism and attention to detail is prevalent in every step of the process. The goal is to make this a beneficial and agreeable experience for the client.

  • Our team is quite proficient in the discipline of specialty theming. A large portion of the work that we encounter is centered in the entertainment and hospitality sectors requiring special attention to the dominant theme of the entire project. We have completed many very creative projects for these clients that are well outside the realm of traditional commercial construction.
  • Given all that we perform on a daily basis, we find this type of work to be quite rewarding.

  • We have several clients for whom we provide a detailed evaluation on property to determine the suitability of a proposed project. This is a critical first step in the due diligent process to insure the success of a project for our client.
  • With our decades of commercial construction experience we are able to offer extremely valuable insight to the overall condition of a property, the feasibility of the intended use, and the benefits of the property and potential points of conflict because of certain detrimental existing conditions.
  • We offer a comprehensive, professional report that covers all aspects of the property. This report allows the client to make an intelligent and informed decision in regards to whether this property is conducive to their needs.