Support Services

Upgrading Existing Facilities
  • We have successfully complete several projects where our only scope has been to upgrade a particular component in an operating building.
  • It could be the replacement of an entire HVAC system for a restaurant or office space or the replacement and upgrading all of the kitchen equipment in a restaurant.
  • We have renovated entire floors of occupied hotels. We have been involved in adding new Jet ways at a working international airport and adding an ADA restroom to the first floor of an operating restaurant where there had never been a restroom.
  • We have a strong understanding of what it takes to work around a business that has the need to stay in operation while improvements are being made.

Maintenance of Facilities
  • Our company has worked with many of our clients long after the construction process has been completed to maintain their properties.
  • The proper maintenance of property is a critical item that many facility clients tend to give little though until there is something significantly wrong. Consequently this may require a quick “band aid” repair or a complete resolution both of which could result in major expenses not required if addressed early.
  • Properly maintaining a building over a long period of time can save a client a considerable amount of money.