Located in a well known animal resort in Orlando this facility was a highly themed building that would be the location of time share sales for the parent company. The challenges here were many. The building was to be located at a position next toa body of water requiring a massive retaining wall that was themed to look like it was constructed of large stones and aged to look like it had been at this location for many years. Utilities had to be brought to this location under heavily themed concrete walkways that looked like a dirt road in any undeveloped part of the world. This necessitated the removal of the concreteand replacement of the same so that there was no evidence of where the old ended and the new began. The building was constructed to look like a shanty found in many parts of Africa. The design was Arabic much like those buildings constructed when the Moors occupied northern Africa. The building had the appearance of being constructed of clay brick with a stucco finish, much of which was falling off of the building because of the theoretical age of the building. Windows were filled in with old red brick as if it had been done as an after thought and salvaged panels removed from old buildings in Africa were used to embellish certain parts of the building. The finished painting was themed to give the appearance of not having been painted other than when first built hundreds of years ago.