• Japan Pavilion

    This Japanese restaurant underwent a major transformation! The restaurant floor plan was changed and a complete new interior was created. This heavily themed project was a complete redevelopment...

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  • Portobello

    Portobello was transformed into a casual country Italian trattoria inspired by regional nuances of Italian destinations reminiscent of Milan, Tuscany and Rome.

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  • China Nine Dragons

    The China Pavilion Exhibition Corporation operates this full service restaurant at a well known theme park. To rededicate the restaurant, a traditional “dotting of the dragon eyes” ceremony took place, often performed in Chinese communities throughout the world when one starts a new venture.

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  • Marriott’s Orlando World Center

    This was a major room renovation that consisted of us renovating all of the major suites spread throughout the hotel with a complete scope upgrade from painting and floor finishes to plumbing fixtures, marble work, and cabinetry.

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